Most petrochemical products are produced by Capital-oil at Angarsk Polymer Plant, a division of Capital-oil. The Angarsk Polymer Plant is the only petrochemical plant in Eastern Siberia, which annually produces 200 million tons of ethylene, 100 million tons of propylene and 60 million tons of benzene. The ethylene produced is used by the plant mainly for the production of high density polyethylene, styrene and polystyrene. what



Exploratory, exploration and production drilling is one of the main areas of production activity of Capital-Oil. As part of the Capital-Oil companies, a special service division of SERVICE LLC has been established, which ensures the implementation of up to 90% of the company's drilling operations. The SERVICE area of responsibility also includes the overhaul of wells at the facilities of Capital-Oil companies. The company has a modern

Capital-oil has a policy aimed at ensuring the necessary balance of channels for monetization of oil, including the processing of crude oil at its own refining capacity in Russia and Germany, export sales on long-term and spot contracts based on tender, and domestic sales. The company continuously monitors the economic efficiency of oil monetization channels, resulting in 2015

The main production assets of the Capital-oil group of companies are the Yarakta, Danilovskoye, Markovskoye oil and gas condensate fields, the Ichyodinskoe oil field, and the Ayansk license area, including the West-Ayan oil and gas field. Capital-oil annually increases the rate of production of hydrocarbon raw materials (hydrocarbons) and, according to this indicator, is among the leaders of the Russian oil industry. Over the past eight years, a group of companies has increased hydrocarbon production by seven times -

Capital-oil is the largest public company in the world in terms of reserves and production. Adding reserves is one of the Company's key priorities. Capital-oil accounts for more than 30% of Russian oil production. In 2015, the production of raw and liquid products amounted to 234.9 million tons. Daily production of oil and liquids remained at 3.2 mm barrels per day. New production assets reached

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